January 13, 2014

Dance of the Ocean

She is a creature of the water. Longing for its constant healing. Her continual rebirth.

Mermaids don't do well in the desert.

So she improvises. Plunging deep in to shallow waters. Swimming within.

Searching for solace. Searching for that feeling.

Is it still there?

Maybe it's on holiday. A brief vacation of sorts.

The beach only comes but half a handful a year.

It's that dance they do.
Over and over

They know it well.

The sway of the sea,
A collide of the tide

Time on land proves for better appreciation. Better understanding, patience. Love.

To bide their need.

For when the salt whispers and the sand sings them hOMe,

Her house holds many rooms. There are always rooms.

With open doors and closed windows. So you can come and go,
And never leave.

It's that dance they do.
Over and over

The dance of the ocean,
A steady rock with the waves

She carries it.

This feeling,
You know

Only you, know.